Prison Rape Elimination Act:


The Prison Rape Elimination Act of September 4, 2003, requires all confinement institutions, both public, and private to create safer environments for inmates and staff to reduce institutional violence.  The final National Standards to prevent, detect, and respond to prison rape, were released by the United States Department of Justice on May 17, 2012. The Juvenile Residential Center of Northwest Ohio is committed to complying with all provisions of the federally mandated Prison Rape Elimination Act and establishes a ZERO TOLERANCE toward all forms of sexual abuse and sexual harassment and will provide for safe practices related to the prevention, detection, reduction and punishment of all sexual assaults.

Sexual conduct between staff and juveniles, volunteers, or contract personnel and juveniles, as well as juvenile to juvenile, regardless of consensual status, is prohibited and subject to administrative and criminal disciplinary sanctions. It is the policy of JRCNWO that any staff member may receive a Third Party report (parent, guardian, minister, etc.) verbally, in writing, or anonymously.  If you need to report an alleged sexual assault, sexual abuse, or sexual harassment claim, please use the links below. 

  1. Zero Tolerance Policy
  2. Coordinated Response Policy 
  3. Third Party Reporting Form - PRINTABLE 
  4. JRCNWO PREA Annual Report 
  5. JRCNWO PREA Data 
  6. JRCNWO PREA Audit Report