About JRC



 JRCNWO provides residential treatment services for male juvenile felony offenders in lieu of a commitment to the Department of Youth Services. 


 JRCNWO assists youth and their families in making positive changes that contribute to improved functioning in the home environment while protecting the community.  In collaboration with courts, families, and community service providers, the facility seeks to individualize each youth’s treatment and enhance his pro-social development. 


 The Juvenile Residential Center of Northwest Ohio is an ACA accredited facility. The American Correctional Association was founded in 1870 to promote improvement in the management of all correctional agencies through the administration of an accreditation program with the ongoing development and revision of relevant, useful standards designed to improve conditions of confinement. The standards serve as the foundation for the accreditation process. 

 The facility was initially accredited in 2007 and then became re-accredited with 100% compliance in all standards of operation for a juvenile community residential facility in 2010, 2013 and again in 2016.  This honor demonstrates the dedication and professionalism of the facility and its staff to help fulfill the facility’s overall purpose and mission. 

Annual Report

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Governing Board

 Our Governing Board is comprised of the Juvenile Court Judges from the ten (10) Northwest Ohio Counties served by JRCNWO.  The role of Administrative Judge is filled by the presiding Judge from Wood County.  The following is a list of the Governing Board for JRCNWO: